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      TR-900K Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor
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      High brightness 8 'TFT LCD
      Smart oscillation manometry, measurement precision safety
      Cardiac arrhythmia automatic waveform analysis
      Can store playback  70 alarm events content and waveform 
      Multi-lead ECG, Big-font, breathing oxygenation, short trends in a variety of display interface
      Has a waveform freeze, ST segment measurements, 192 hours trend, 1000 group NIBP list, arrhythmia analysis and other storage playback function
      Pacemaker analysis, anti-defibrillation and anti-high-frequency electric knife
      Entry and identification of patient information management functions
      Each parameter has a color display, alarm and pulse volume multi-adjustable features
      Support drug concentration titration calculations, and custom event recording function
      Standard Masimo slot, ready to install the external Masimo SPO2 modules (plug & play)
      Standard Respironics ETCO2 slot, ready to install the Respironics ETCO2 modules (plug & play)
      Optional item external Masimo module, Respironics ETCO2 module
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